Carole Haper, Career Transitions Coach

Carole Haper has a life-long commitment to understanding the world of women and work, and the unique challenges women face. Her scholarly work includes groundbreaking research on professional women working part-time, and gives voice to a new reality, where women value equally their personal/reproductive and professional/productive roles. She explores in-depth the impact on women, and the tradeoffs they make to bring meaning to their lives.

This research is foundational to her success as a career transition coach. Carole has successfully coached over 500 candidates, ensuring advisory services reflect high professional standards and meet client expectations. She has been recognized for her success with clients as the two-time recipient of the Top Career Advisor of the Year Award by Haldane and Associates. Carole is a sought-after presenter on the topics of career assessment, job interviewing techniques, resume development, networking, marketing strategies, negotiation skills, and image development.

Carole has over 20 years of experience in management, faculty, academic advising, and coaching roles. With a commitment to finding balance and developing her own potential, she joined Act Three in 2009. Prior roles include serving as Vice President, Organizational Consulting, for Right Management, a Manpower Inc. subsidiary, directing the finance department of a major medical center branch, providing academic counseling services for a League of Innovation institution, and delivering professional career development services for Haldane Associates, the nation’s oldest career management firm.

Carole’s formal training includes a B.S. in Education from Wright State University, a M.S. in School Counseling from University of Dayton, and a Ph.D. in Educational Policy & Leadership from The Ohio State University.

She is certified as a Career Development Facilitator and Instructor, a Master Career Counselor, and qualified interpreter of assessment instruments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the HR Chally Assessment, the Birkman FirstLook, Human Synergistics Life Style Inventory and Organizational Culture Inventory, the FIRO-B, and a variety of 360 appraisal processes including CCLs Benchmarks.

Carole is the mother to six children, and grandmother to nine, and resides in Dayton, Ohio. She is active in her community and serves as volunteer for the Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP).