Keynote Topics

Julie Shifman is an inspirational, award-winning speaker, author, and business owner.  Julie speaks with passion and humor for women’s events/conferences and corporate women’s initiatives helping women to achieve happiness and success in their career and in life.


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Julie’s Three Keynote Topics (Note all keynotes can be turned into a workshop for longer time frames)

Imagine…Then Do It! (Can be delivered as either a keynote or a workshop)

In Julie’s signature talk, her message challenges women to open their minds to the endless possibilities that can result in a fulfilling next act. She begins by granting them permission to dream again, as Julie finds that too many women have buried their dreams in some dark closet. Sometimes that means rediscovering old dreams that have gone dormant over the years, and sometimes it means imagining new dreams. But her message doesn’t end with the Imagining, she also provides practical advice on how to Do It …to actually begin the journey towards fulfilling those dreams. As Julie says “Imagining without the doing is just daydreaming.” Using her own personal story, interspersed with the stories of the many remarkable women she interviewed for her groundbreaking book Act Three:Create the Life You Want, she challenges women to take a personal inventory and walk away with a renewed sense of purpose. For shorter time periods, this talk can be divided in two, with one talk about Imagining and one talk about Doing.  This talk is ideal for women’s groups ages 40-65.

The Science of Catching Happiness (Can be delivered as either a keynote or a workshop)

Happiness, quoting Benjamin Franklin, has to be caught, you can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen to you. Using personal stories and humor grounded in today’s scientific research, Julie shares her top five “happiness catchers” including

  • living life with gratitude
  • performing acts of kindness (what Julie calls Looking for Lurch)
  • stop sweating the small stuff
  • finding the funny ( wait till you hear the story of the doped up dog)
  • creating daily small happiness catchers (what Julie calls Frequent Quickies)

Based on today’s scientific research as well as her own experience of leading a happy life, Julie believes that by seeking to catch happiness in a proactive way, all of us can live happier lives. This inspirational talk is ideal for women’s groups of any kind or age as the quest for happiness is universal. For corporate women’s groups, Julie also emphasizes the research showing that happier employees are more productive and successful.  All participants will leave with specific action items they can practice immediately to live happier lives.


Lean In For A Successful Career (Can be done as a keynote or workshop).

Thirty years after women became 50% of the college graduates in the US, men still hold the vast majority of leadership positions in government and industry and this hasn’t improved in the last ten years. We have ceased making real progress at the top. “It is time for us to face the fact that our revolution has stalled.” says Sheryl Sandberg in her new book Lean In.

Using personal stories from her hectic life as a mom of four little boys working to make partner in a large law firm sprinkled with humor as well as today’s scientific research, in this keynote, Julie discusses important topics corporate women can learn from to create more success and happiness in their career and in life.


• Don’t leave before you have to
• Recognize that your career is a jungle gym not a ladder
• What to do about the “impostor syndrome”
• How to use the question “what’s the worst that can happen” to take risks
• What to do about the fact that Success and Likeability are positively correlated for men and negatively correlated for women


Julie believes that by paying attention to these topics in a proactive way, we actually can have a more successful and fulfilling career. As a successful career woman herself (first as a partner in a large law firm and now as a business owner, author and speaker), and the mother of four boys (all four born within five years) Julie not only discusses these important topics but can speak from her own experience. All participants will leave with specific action items they can practice immediately to create a fulfilling and successful career.  This talk is ideal for corporate women’s gatherings.  Typically Julie will also moderate a panel of key women executives from the company following her talk so that the values of the corporation in promoting it’s women, can be clearly demonstrated.


Julie moderates panel of Duke Energy Senior Executives