Back to Work Workshop


Are you ready to go back to work but unsure of what you want to do, or just as important, what you are good at today..? Or maybe you have lots of ideas, but are unable to focus on one and so you haven’t moved forward in your job quest. Act Three can help with our Back to Work Workshop. This workshop is designed for women just like you.


What Is Your Life Purpose? / Recognizing Change
You’re in a period of personal transition. The kids don’t need you as much; your identity is in flux. You’re considering returning to work and concerned with how this transition will affect you and your family. This first session will help you to understand the impact of this significant transition, and place it in the context of your life purpose. All decisions and actions, including the choice of a new job, must align with that purpose. Our team will help get you there!

How Does Personality Type Affect Your Job Search?

Are you an extrovert who enjoys making presentations, and working in a fast-paced environment? Perhaps Actuary is not the best career choice for you! Personality type – and matching yours with the right career – clearly affects job success and job satisfaction. We will use the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment tool to help you to analyze your personality traits and style.

Finding Your Strengths

We all heard when we were young: “You can be anything you want to be if you just try hard enough.” Now we know better. Gallup research over the last decade has made clear that each person has greater potential for success in his or her “areas of strength.” So it makes sense to focus your career search on jobs that best leverage those strengths. We will use the book Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham, and an assessment tool designed by the author to guide your work. We’ll also spend time exploring and analyzing some of your successes in order to determine your personal strengths.

Personality Type + Strengths + Passion = Ideal Job

The ideal job is one that first fits your personality type, and marries your personal strengths with your passions. We will bring together the work from the first three sessions to explore the kinds of jobs that might be best for you. This work provides the foundation for the tangible step of crafting a resume specifically designed to land you the right job.


Give Us One Day
And Jump Start Your Return To Work
With The Back To Work Workshop

Date: Friday October 25
Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm (Included in this program is atwo-hour individual coaching session where you take an in-depth look at career ideas and options. The session is scheduled following the group workshop and held at your convenience.)
Place: 7431 East Aracoma Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45237
Cost: $450.00 

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